Updates Dolomiti Rescue Race 2019

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Updates Dolomiti Rescue Race 2019

The 9th edition of the Dolomiti Rescue Race is shortly to be held on Saturday 5 October, the usual departure from the location of Praciadelan (Calalzo di Cadore) and arrival in the square in Pieve di Cadore. Usually race course, but biggest party! =)
CAUTION!!! this year on the sections equipped with the fixed rope there will be race judges who will check that the teams walk the race course safely, always secured to the fixed rope.
Competitors who will be seen traveling the sections equipped with fixed ropes without being insured will be assigned penalty minutes which will be immediately communicated to the race office.

Friday 4 October welcome cocktail at the Pieve di Cadore Alpine Rescue center and following the race briefing at the Cos.Mo audithorium.