Under evaluation Dolomiti Rescue Race 2020

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Under evaluation Dolomiti Rescue Race 2020

Hi everyone,
from the day after the Dolomiti Rescue Race 2019 we started thinking about the TENTH EDITION of the Dolomiti Rescue Race, a great edition not only because we have reached the tenth anniversary but also because a really large group has been created with you participating in the meeting, with you who run the race or cheer and with you who participate in the increasingly beautiful parties after the race.
This year, unfortunately, we have all been affected by the Corona Virus, many events organized for the 2020 year have been canceled, we are continuing to check the evolution of the spread of CoVID19 and we are trying to evaluate whether to prepare the DRR2020 in the usual first weekend of October 2020 or whether to postpone the grandiose tenth edition of the Dolomiti Rescue Race to 2021.
We will notify you of the staff's decision as soon as possible in the next period.
Hi everyone
the Dolomiti Rescue Race Staff