Statement on Privacy and cookies

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Statement on Privacy and cookies

pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003
Dear User, thank you for visiting our website. With this information we inform you how to management of the site, from now on "site in question", in reference to the processing of personal data of users who consult them. This information is provided pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree. N. 196 / 2003-. Code regarding the protection of personal data to those who interact with web services accessible electronically from the address:

Owner of the site and the processing of personal data The site in question are the property of Soccorso Alpino station Pieve di Cadore - Piazzale Martiri Della Liberta, 12-32044 Pieve Di Cadore (BL) - Belluno - Italy, which is also the data controller of the personal data.
Place the processing of personal data The processing of data takes place at the headquarters of the Mountain Rescue Station Pieve di Cadore - Piazzale Martiri Della Liberta, 12-32044 Pieve Di Cadore (BL) - Belluno - Italy, by means of automated processes and subjects authorized. The provision of personal data is not mandatory, but if they refuse, totally or partially, to provide data or to consent to their treatment and / or their communication will not be possible to complete the registration process to the site in question and, consequently, to enforce the performance required.

Nature of providing data (mandatory / optional) Access to the site in question does not request a personal detail. The data entered and sent voluntarily by the user are collected, recorded, stored and managed in order to properly unfold a supply and / or performance pursuant to Art. 13 of the "Code" Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. The data is processed only by individuals and representatives, including external, designated by the owner of the website, and will not be used for personal profiling purposes without prior permission. The same data, depersonalized or made anonymous, may be used or disclosed to a purely statistical purposes or for the improvement of the service.

Purposes and methods of treatment All data are processed for the purposes connected with the fulfillment of what you requested when interacting with the site in question. Data are collected in a database and can be communicated to external associates designated by the owner of the website.

Information on the acquisition of Cookie according to regulation no. 229/2014 of the Privacy Guarantor
The website in question, uses cookies to make your own simple and efficient services for users who visiona pages. Users who access the site in question, will enter the minimum amount of information on your devices, they are computers or mobile devices, in small text files called "cookies" stored in the directory used by the user's web browser. There are several types of cookies, certain to make use of the site more efficient, more to enable certain functionality.

Cookies of the Site Manager - Technical Cookies The web Sitio in question uses only "technical" cookie, such as navigation or session cookies, those capabilities and analytical.

Navigation cookies or session Specifically, they use cookies or browsing session, intended to ensure the normal navigation and use of the website, and then aimed at making functional and optimize the same navigation within the site.
- Functional Cookies also feature cookies are installed, are strictly necessary to provide services explicitly requested by the user.
- Analytical Cookies Finally, there are analytics cookies, used exclusively by the only site manager, to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, the number of users and how users visit the site.
For technical and analytical cookies it is not necessary to request the consent of the user. The site in question are not present profiling cookies used by the site operator or third party.

Install / uninstall cookies. Browser options At any time you can oppose the registration of cookies by configuring your browser on your device used for navigation: If you use the website in question without changing your browser settings, it is assumed that it wants to receive all cookies used and enjoy all the functionality. Please note that will prevent the use of some or all cookies described above, by configuring the browser used for navigation, and precisely following the instructions for their enabled and disabled prepared by the same browser. Here are the links to view the management procedure Cookie in the major browsers:
Internet Explorer: How to Block, enable, or allow cookies
Mozilla Firefox: Blocking cookies
Google Chrome: Manage cookies and site data
Safari: Managing cookies and other website data