Race Course

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The mass start takes place in Praciadelan (Calalzo di Cadore) at 1040m asl. The course then rises up to the Plans of Antelao (1626 m) and from there to pass Piria (2080 m). Here the most technical section of the race begins, with 200 metres of fixed ropes running up to the highest point on the course at 2130m asl.
Having caught your breath after the arduous climb, a long descent to the picturesque Rifugio (Hut) Antelao (1796m) and then to pass Antracisa (1693m) takes the teams towards the last climb of the race,  on a track built 100 years ago during the First World War, to the rugged peak of Monte Tranego, at 1849m above sea level. The view from here on a clear day is stunning.
The descent involves abseiling down to the gravel road that leads to Pieve di Cadore (923m), where competitors will have to assemble the stretcher and configure the team in “emergency standard” to take it to the finish line and the cheering spectators in the main square of the town - Piazza Tiziano at 848m where beer, rest and the afterglow await you.
The total elevation of the race is 1250 metres, while the descent is a negative 1440 metres.
The entire route stretches along the slopes of the King of the Dolomites: Mount Antelao. The extraordinary scenic beauty of the Marmarole and the jagged grandeur of the Spalti di Toro elevate this fascinating race to an unforgettable experience.

Dolomiti Rescue Race - Race TrackDolomiti Rescue Race - Race TrackDolomiti Rescue Race - Race TrackDolomiti Rescue Race - Race Track