Ranking chart

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In this page you can download the results of the last Dolomiti Rescue Race from 2012 to the last Rescue Race.

Into 2011 the first place was conquered by Agordo station, followed by Val Biois and Pieve di Cadore.

Into 2012 the winning team was Val Bios, second place for XII DEL.CANAVESANA - PIEMONTE and third place for Agordo.

Into 2013 Paganella-Avisio (TN) won the Dolomiti Rescue Race, followed by Val Bios 1 (BL) and TOPR team (poland)

Into 2014 SAGF won the race, Paganella-Avisio 1 (TN) was second and the third place had gone to the home team: Pieve di Cadore

Into 2015 the Home Team of Pieve di Cadore won the race. Second team at arrive was PAGANELLA–AVISIO 1 and the third team was VALSUSA–VALSANGONE

Wich team will conquer next Dolomiti Rescue Race?