rules of dolomiti rescue race

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published on 14/07/2021

  • organizer of the race is the the 2nd area belluno dolomites district team - cnsas pieve di cadore (member of the c.n.s.a.s corpo nazionale soccorso alpino e speleologico – national mountain and cave resue corps)

  • participants must be registered to the correspondent national mountain rescue corps, as ordinary or technical members; they must have the corresponding qualifications required by their organization. participants can also be members enrolled in equivalent national organizations of icar – international commission for alpine rescue.

  • the race teams will be made of volunteers and aspiring volunteers enrolled in teams, (can also be from different districts, regional and national services),  so they can be formed freely, provided that they are members belonging to the volunteer mountain rescue teams covered by art. 2 and that they belong to the same organization.

  • teams must have 4 (four) members, and each participant must have the following material (ce approved):
    • helmet, harness, homologated ferrata kit (not longe in single-rope with two branches)
    • 2 carabiners (screwgate) at double movement screw sleeve;
    • 2 carabiners;
    • 1 descender;
    • 1 kevlar sling or prussic for self-blocking;
    • 2 slings with closed-loop (1 of about 60 cm and 1 of about 120 cm.);
    • alpine attire, that is clothing and shoes suitable to the fall season, and to the overall environment.
  • the team must also be equipped with:
    • mountain rescue stretcher, validated for wall rescue (not the health stretchers spoon or spine board); the stretcher will have to be handed over to the organization at the start line, and it will be found again at the last kilometre of the race, to be set up and carried to the finish line;
    • 2 ropes, validated as single, of at least 60 meters length. the ropes will be carried throughout all the race (they must be marked with all the ce and manufacturers information);
    • 2 simple pulleys.

  • the race start will be in line and the race time will be measured when the last team member touches the finish line;

  • the racing bib must be visible and recognizable, and displayed throughout the race;

  • the race organization will check all the equipment of each team, before the start and upon arrival. if the equipment and the material does not comply or is partially or totally missing, the organizer reserves the right to add penalties or exclude the team from the competition.

  • during the race, the members of each team will have to proceed within sight from each other, and gather together to recreate the team at the checkpoints set up along the route.

  • along the equipped sections of the course there will be competition judges who will check that the teams proceed always insured to the fixed rope. athletes not tied to fixed ropes will cause penalty minutes to the team that will be communicated to the race direction office.

  • the event will take place in any weather conditions, except that these are considered to affect the safety of participants. this or any possible modification of the race course will be decided by the organization.

  • the participants, in addition to being in possession of the requirements, must be under an appropriate insurance policy. the organizer guarantees in any case the appropriate insurance against third party liability.

  • the covid regulations in force during the period of the dolomiti rescue race event will be respected.

  • upon registration of the team, these rules are considered as accepted and understood on any point, thus  declining the organization from any damage occurred to the participants, third parties and/or property.